Having moved to New York City and with a new studio in Chinatown, Lars Stoten is inspired by the urban feel of New York and the colorful feel of Chinatown.

The idea behind this collection is to have a very nice fitted pieces of clothing. Clean cut, boxy proportions with a nice used of crisp and bold color. Mjölk also uses the liberty prints that represent New York.

The collection ranges from bold color shorts, bold color pants, long coat, rain jacket, hand-crafted belt, hand-crafted belt, button-down shirt, sweater with elbow pads. There are so many great pieces to choose from and all of them are not over the top. Perfect for relaxing with the family or even with your friends. Very pleasing to the eyes.

I just want to buy the entire collection… That’s just how good they are!

Images via Fabric Magazine.

Posted by:Vincent Ko