Today, I woke up to two presents in my bedroom. I actually knew that my sister came into my room last night but I pretended that I was sleeping. In the big box I got a penguin-shaped humidifier and in the Sephora bag I got a Boscia Luminizing Black Mask.

I’ve wanted a humidifier for a long time now but never felt like buying one. I think this is my best Christmas, yet. The penguin-shaped humidifier is in black and white which is perfect since most of the things in my room are black. As for the mask, I’ve tried using it once and it made my skin a little bit brighter. Of course good thing is never cheap. The mask costs about $40 CAD.

Here are some of the pictures that I took this morning. Hope you like it!

What do you guys think? Anyway, Merry Christmas you guys!! Hope you had a good one!

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Posted by:Vincent Ko