This toner really does do what it says on the description. I didn’t purchase the whole bottle because I wasn’t sure about the product at first. I’ve got three samples from the salesman and he recommended this toner to me because I’ve acne. He said that it will reduce inflammation as well as improving ‘problem areas’.

In case you were wondering, that is in fact real flowers in the toner. I guess it’s a mixture of two flowers – Marigold and Comfrey. The calendula is extracted as an oil from the Marigold flower that will help soothe the skin. Whereas Allantoin is a compound that is found in the Comfrey flower root. It says that it will reduce the inflammation of the skin.

Another thing is that it doesn’t dry out my face like many other toners out there. The smell of this toner isn’t too pleasing but this is what you would expect from real and natural ingredients. I would recommend this product to anybody who has oily/combination/dry skin type.

Posted by:Vincent Ko