First of all, I want to thank the SpiritHoods team for taking some time off of their busy schedule to make this interview a go and I also want to thank one of the creators of SpiritHoods, Alexander Mendeluk for answering this interview.

Let me do a little introduction on SpiritHoods. It’s a company that makes animal-inspired hoods. They’re not just any other animal hoods, because each animal represents different personalities. They currently have over 17 animals and will soon be adding a few more starting next year. Go check my first post on SpiritHoods to see all of the animals that are available right now for purchase.

You can also interact with them on Facebook as well as Twitter. They love their customers and they have the best customer service ever.

Another thing, be sure to buy your hood from their website, because when you buy a hood that has a “Product Blue” logo below it, you’re automatically donating a portion of your proceeds to help a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping your particular animal. Once you’ve got your hood, make sure to take a picture of you wearing it and post it on their Facebook page or you could send a link to them on Twitter.

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“Interview: Co-Creator of SpiritHoods, Alexander Mendeluk”

Hi, Alexander! How are you?

Amazing! Rockin’ and Rollin

Can you tell us a little bit about SpiritHoods?

They just might change your life. . . .

Where did the animal-inspired hood idea come from?

A vision quest into the desert!

It started with us, the owners Chase, Ashley, Marley and myself. We love adventure and music and the original concepts came from this. We go to a lot of festivals like Burning Man. Burning Man has this burlesque, vaudevillian, mad max type of theme going on with a lot of fur accessories.

A friend of Marley and I’s showed us how to make a basic hood with faux fur at a little arts and crafts sesh. Marley and I started making them for friends and family. Everyone loved them. We adapted the designs using different fur with ears etc. I wore something like it out in Los Angeles one night and people went nutz over it. That was the
aha!” moment.

Can you tell us what goes into the designing of the SpiritHood?

It depends, sometimes we get requests for animals, like tiger for example – If we feel it’s a good idea then we go for it.

Right now I’ve been focusing on expanding the designs from the “Standard” hood into something that is more of a “crowning hood.” Keeping the essence of the our original designs but taking it a step further.

If there is an idea I’ll take it and make prototypes, create an inspiration board for it. This could be imagery, music, stories etc. and pitch the concept to the team. The concept should include the creative aspects of the hood, how they align with the brand and how it all plays out in terms of market strategy.

Designs can come from anywhere at any time. But it’s always a collaborative process keeping the theme of community and tribe at the forefront.

I notice that you guys support Non-Profit Organizations through “Product Blue”. Can
you tell us more what “Product Blue” is?

Product Blue is a program we started that helps non-profits that support Wolves, Snow Leopards, Panda Bears and Polar Bears. So when you purchase a Panda or a Wolf for example online, a portion of the proceeds goes to supporting those non profits.

Check out: for more info.

I see that you guys have over 17 animal hoods at the moment. Are there any new
ones coming out, soon? If yes, can you tell us about the new animal hood that is
coming out?

We just launched the Nasty Rabbit. You can expect a Grizzly Bear as well as new hood designs coming out in Feb.

We are also very excited to launch our Kids line around the same time.

Another thing, you guys recently teamed up with Nexon at The E3 Expo to promote
their first appearance at E3 Expo. How did that come about?

Ashley hooked that up actually. The company wanted a product that represented a Boss in the game. They commissioned 500 exclusive hoods that they used for giveaways. What it turned into was hundreds of people waiting and fighting for these hoods throughout the day. It was an amazing marketing concept. They had hundreds of people waiting for these giveaways while they blasted their trailers and demos.

Will there be a limited edition animal hood in the future?

Definitely . . .

We’ve seen so many celebrities wearing SpiritHoods, are there any celebrities that
you would like to do a special collaboration with?

Were in the works with Snoop Dogg and his team. . . think “Dogg Pound.”

With all of the hypes that SpiritHoods has been getting, what do you think is next
for SpiritHoods?

Stay tuned for our Feb. release at Project trade show in Vegas!


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