Jean Paul Gaultier sure knows how to put on a show. For the showing of his pre-fall 2011 collection, he started off his show with acrobatic-ninjas doing backflips. Once they’ve done their round, the curtains parted to reveal James Bond. Soon after that came the introduction of his successor, James Blond. Blond is the androgynous model, Andrej Pejic who has been making quite a round in the fashion and modeling scene.

This collection is mainly an exegesis of the classic tuxedo with all of its components. Variant-styling helps people understand more a little bit about the concept behind this collection. We have tuxes with hot pants and fishnets, tuxes with long buttoned skirt and then we have the neoprene jackets as well as tuxes with wet suits. Playing with different colors from the rest of the labels – black, white and gold. Many other labels are experiencing with bold and bright colors but JPG sticks with more common color and then add some extra glamourous elements with gold colors.

Check out the collection below!

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Posted by:Vincent Ko

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