Let me introduce you to Jean Pierre – graphic designer. I recently had the opportunity to chat with him and he seems like a nice person, what more is that he’s got great style! He is currently studying graphic design at the Art Academy. He loves fashion, photography and art.

Take a look at his photography in the above pictures. You can tell that he’s got good skills and good eye for photography. You can check out more of his photography pictures on his blog, Jean Pierre. He also blogs about his art, graphic design and his lookbook of course.

You can also check his style on his Lookbook page. Check out his interview, below!

1 – Tell us about yourself

My name is Jean Pierre and I’m 20 years old and I come from the Netherlands. I study Graphic Design at the art academy and I have one year left before I’m ready to jump into the world I’m learning about. In my work I try to combine fashion and graphic design as much as possible. Where other people get inspired  by politics or society, my passion is fashion. Of course my school assignments won’t always let me, but with more open and wide projects I try to work with fabric, photography or fashion as much as possible.

2 – Tell us about your blog

On my blog you see a lot of outfits and clothes but I also post about my graphic work, photography and other things that keep me busy. Because of my education I work a lot with photography and graphic design so I wanted to show that too. With enough visitors each day you never know who’s able to see your work. It definitely is a way for me to network on the world wide web.

3 – When did you start blogging and why?

I thought about starting a blog for a long time. I wanted to keep it real and personal. It still is. I think it’s important to keep it real and personal. People will remember you when your blog is fresh and pure. Stay true to yourself. There’s nothing as beautiful as your own life. Keep defying your fate. Live every day like it is your last. Blow away your honest ideas about right and wrong and jump in to the world, which is out there. Keep learning. You will start to see that you will grow as a person, but also as a crucial individual personality, which the world requires.

I’ve been blogging for about a year now and I definitely want to keep doing it. It also is an easy way to stay in contact with the quick changing dynamic digital world.

4 – Tell us about your style

My style can be considered as changing and dynamic. I don’t like to label things. If I have to say something about my style: I like to be a little classic and nostalgic with a casual touch. Last week I found this crazy old scarf from my granddad. Perfect for this winter and completely timeless. It’s just that I’m always looking for new ways to dress myself. Looking at the trends I try to interpret it in my own way. When I see a hype garment, the price tag or the brand name will not change the way I feel about it. It’s important to look further than the clothes everybody’s wearing. A challenge.

5 – What is the one thing you can never live without?

I’m a real craftsmen and I definitely cannot live without a pencil and a piece of paper.  Sketching is for me the quickest way to put my thoughts on paper, within seconds new ideas are born. I’m busy with a big collection of long-lasting sketchbooks. They can help me later on to generate new ideas for photo shoots, styling or graphic work.

Truly, I have to admit that I cannot live without my Macbook and internet. Living life now, I can’t imagine life without all these new modern things.

6 – What’s in your bag?

In my bag you can always find my sketchbooks and pencils. Like I said, it’s a quick way to get your fresh and new thoughts out of your head. You can also find my phone, a bottle of water and my perfume. Currently I’m using Ralph Lauren, Big Pony Cologne Nmbr. 1.

7 – Who is your style icon?

I do not really have one person I admire the most. Still I love to look at: Agyness Dean and James Dean. I love to look at real people on the street, where new cultures and styles develop more fast than ever. I talk to a lot of people, I learn from them. You cannot live your life alone, you need others. I’m really interested in fashion and people. In the end, as a designer, I design for other people. It’s important to understand the world and this is a challenge. The only thing you can do is taking the initiative and jump into this world by playing your own part. Without brakes, ambition is my drive.

8 – Apart from blogging, what do you spend your time doing?

In my spare time I sketch a lot. It doesn’t matter where it’s about; mostly it’s without any real purpose. Searching for new experiments or solutions, deep in my head answers are somewhere. For me it’s the way to look for the unexpected.

I also photograph a lot. Looking for unique moments I try to snap moments as pure as they are. These moments will never be the same.

9 – Where do you shop?

Mostly I shop I Amsterdam. For me it’s the place to look when I want new clothes. I visit a lot of vintage/second-hand stores. Where I live, you can find a lot of second-hand stores. I often find there the greatest blazers, scarves, and other vintage stuff.  I think second-hand stores are great opportunity’s to find nice, exclusive and most of all cheap clothes. Like I said, when I see a nice garment, the price tag or the name of the brand will not change the way I feel about it.

10 – What’s on your playlist at the moment?

Currently I’m listening to Dragonette, Maroon 5, The XX,  Yeasayer, The Wooden Birds, Robyn, M83, and Lykke Li, Adele, Laure Marling, Marina and the Diamonds, Moss and Bang Gang. I can go on and on. Don’t limit yourself. Look for the unexpected.

11 – Little shout out:

I discovered only one thing in life really matters to me. That one thing is passion. I cannot live without. Passion gives courage, determination, strength, power and effect. You will need that. If you think you don’t, you will discover that later on. If you will never experience that feeling – a pity because where people give up, I start to live. And that’s a shame, because they often have a lot more to give.

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Posted by:Vincent Ko