I want to thank Natalia Kills for responding to this interview. I would also like to thank Dean Beckett and the people at Cherrytree Records for making this interview happen.

Let me do a little introduction on this fierce artist before you read the full interview.

Natalia Kills was raised in Bradford and Leeds, West Yorkshire. Then in 2008, she was discovered by Will.I.Am and was signed to his record company jointly with Cherrytree Records. She has also produced and co-directed a mini-series, simply titled “Love, Kills xx“. She has released her two promotional single called “Zombie” and “Activate My Heart” and her first official single, “Mirrors” in 2010.  They are all available on iTunes. Also, she has just recently released the music video for her first hit single “Mirrors” and you can watch it on her website.

Unlike many other pop stars, Kills is tough and creative. She writes all of her music, takes charge and is involved in every process of recording her album. What’s more is that she’s so down to earth!

Some girls want to be a princess when they grow up,explains Natalia.I wanted to be in a bad bitch girl gang.

She has toured with Kelis and Robyn and she’s getting ready to release her debut album this coming spring. I have a feeling that this year will be her year. Get ready for a new era of pop music!

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Check out the full interview below.

01 – Hey, Natalia! How are you?

I’m fine… thanks for asking…

02 – Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hmm what would you like to know? I’m english, I write songs, sing and directed film pieces to my music… I love film noir, my dog Dracula and the colour black… I wear eyeliner and heels everyday… and I like to break things. Is that enough? I could go on…

03 – What was the story behind the “Kills” in Natalia Kills?

It’s who I am… it’s how I feel. There’s something so beautiful about the word Kill… “Killer heels”,  “if looks could Kill”… “You did great, you really Killed it…”. It has a million uses but only one feeling. So when I was asked to describe myself it was quite fitting…

04 – How would you describe your music?

Well, I’d prefer it if others described it as that’s the whole point really… Oscar Wilde, Van Gogh, they didn’t tell you “here’s my work, it’s meant to make you feel sad/happy/amused..” or whatever… lol! So far people have described it as “Dark Pop” which is great. It’s definitely more confrontational than most things on the radio.

05 – You recently toured with Kelis and Robyn. What was that like?

It was fun! It’s nice to be in a different country or city every day, and meeting fans is always amazing!

06 – “Perfectionist”, which will be dropping later this year is your debut album. What can we expect from it?

It’s pretty brutal. My songs aren’t so typically lighthearted and bright… I like to say what I really mean- the stuff you’d scream at an ex or tell a friend in your darkest hour. My favorite songs are Love is a Suicide, If I was God, Nothing Lasts forever, Break You Hard… actually I suppose they’re all my favorite… so never mind!

07 – Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

I go to museums on my days off… I collect books… I even wrote a book for a lover… it took ages!

08 – Who is your style icon?

Marie Antoinette… I love her decadence… she went full out every day…

09 – How would you describe your style?

I call it Feminine Brutality.

10 – Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

Break hearts, break legs, break records 😉

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