After being announced as creative director of Polaroid, Lady GaGa has then been working hard on an original line called the “Grey Label“. The line consists of 3 products – GL10 (Instant Mobile Printer), GL20 (Camera Glasses) and GL30 (Instant Digital Camera).

01. GL10 (Instant Mobile Printer)

This instant printer isn’t like any other printers out there. It doesn’t use ink, ribbon to print out your images. It uses the embedded dye-crystal from ZINK Imaging. This instant printer also uses special ZINK Papers that has the embedded dye crystals in it. Before printing the crystals are white, hence the color of the paper looks like a regular white paper. The printer uses heat to activate and colorize those crystals. The GL10 will be available for purchase in May, 2011. It retails for US $149.99.

02. GL20 (Camera Glasses)

These glasses may look a little familiar to you. In case you don’t remember, GaGa used to wear these glasses (her own version) with little iPod screens in it. She wore them during the opening on her tour as well as in her music video for “Poker Face”. She has always wanted to create these glasses and now here we are with the updated version of the camera glasses. Only then, there were no camera in the glasses. The GL20 has a built-in camera that lets users take pictures of their surroundings while wearing them.

Tells Your Story to the World: Users can instantly capture or upload photos with the built-in camera and then display the images on the glasses’ LCD screens for others to see.

The camera glasses will be available for purchase later this year and with the price soon to be announced.

03. GL30 (Instant Digital Camera)

The GL30 is the modernized version of the old Polaroid Instant Camera. Lady GaGa takes the classic instant camera to a whole new level. The GL30 fuses the function of digital camera and the physical worlds. It features the function of a digital camera, instant printer and digital display. It lets the users select from a number of filters and borders to create truly original images that instantly fit in the palm of your hand.

It will be available for purchase later this year and with a price soon to be announced.

[Images courtesy of Polaroid]

Posted by:Vincent Ko