Tom Ford has just unveiled his spring/summer 2011 collection and I couldn’t be more excited. Knowing Tom Ford, he won’t disappoint. This collection ranges from suits, sportswear, swimwear and eveningwear. Playing with fabrics such as linen, wool, satin linen, silk and cotton to create luxurious garments that are very formfitting. Tom Ford has joined the floral prints train with the rest of the designers. Without a doubt floral prints are a-must-have for your spring/summer wardrobe.

He uses vibrant colors for the eveningwear, however he doesn’t forget to incorporate the classic eveningwear look – tuxedo. As for the sportswear, the collection includes safari jackets, field jackets, single breasted jackets, sport pants, as well as biker jackets. For the swimwear collection, you have your basic floral print shorts as well as beach towelling shirt.

In my opinion, Tom Ford is like the “Chanel” for men. With Tom Ford, you always get that classic timeless pieces that a man should have in his closet.

Models: Luis Borga & Max Motta

Images via Tom Ford

Posted by:Vincent Ko