Clara Alonso |Traffic|, Marlon Teixeira |Way Model Management|, Alejandra Alonso |Women Management|, Francisco Lachowski |Ford Models Brasil| and Simon Nessman |I Love| come together for a very festive and fun shoot for Armani Exchange’s SS11 campaign. Featuring a collection of rugged and casual look. There’s the denim vest, denim jacket, jersey jacket, flowy skirt and many more. Photographed by Matthew Scrivens.

[Images source – Design Scene]


Posted by:Vincent Ko

Vincent Ko is a fashion photographer, stylist and creative consultant based in Toronto. He specializes in editorial photography and portraiture. His love for design, architecture, food and coffee is constantly share amongst his viewers with the sole intention to inspire others through his lens.

3 thoughts on “ Armani Exchange SS11 | Campaign ”

  1. I am in awe of your photography skills. Such an incredible shoot; the colours, the tones, the feel. A great campaign. I aspire to get to your level of high quality fashion photography. Please let me intern with you one day if possible as I would love to get into this field of work but don’t have the confidence yet. My life is photography and I just need to learn more. I look forward to seeing more of your work on billboards. xx

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