First and foremost, I would like to thank Örjan Andersson for taking some time off of his busy schedule to respond to this interview. I would also like to thank Sara Hampus for making this interview happen.

Let me introduce you to Örjan Andersson – the talent behind the amazing label, “Cheap Monday.” He’s the creative director and one of the founders of the brand. He first started with a second hand store joined by Adam and two of their friends in a Stockholm suburb. The name of the first store was “Weekend” as it was only opened on Saturdays and Sundays. Since the store was doing so well they decided to open up a bigger store in central Stockholm. Carrying high-fashion clothing, exclusive denim as well as second hand clothing in the store. The first “tight” was born soon after the realization that some of the jeans that were sold in the store were too expensive. Not long after that, Cheap Monday developed into a full collection.

Today, Cheap Monday can be found in 35 countries and about 1800 stores all over the world.

You can get your hands on the spring/summer 2011 collection now and you can view the fall/winter 2011.12 show here. You can read the full interview below!

01. How would you describe the newest collection? Can you tell us the concept behind it?

“The inspiration for AW-11 comes from Ray Kurzweils theories that the Singularity is near. The Singularity is the point when technological progress is so fast that we are unable to control what is going on anymore. We have looked at different scenarios for the future, the future of consumer behaviours, fashion and living.

02. You’ve always had a passion for denim. Can you tell us the story behind it?

“I started working in a jeans store in Stockholm 20 years ago, it started out with a school internship when I was 19. I asked to be placed in a sporting goods store but ended up in a denim store.
In the year 2000 I started a small second hand store together with a couple of friends and some years later, beginning of 2004, the first pair of Cheap Monday jeans hit our store.

03. What are you looking forward to for the spring/summer 2011 collection? Are there any key items that you like from the spring/summer 2011 collection?

“Our inspiration for SS-11 comes from Latin denim, LA celebrity taste and Italian diamonté. I’m looking forward to some of the exaggerated and sparkling detailing on the denim.

04. Do you think skinny jeans will ever go out of style? For both women and men.

“No. Just kidding, maybe it will happen one day?

05. You opened up your first store two years ago in Copenhagen. Is there any plan on opening one in Toronto?

“We hope that there will be more Cheap Monday stores in the future. But no concrete plans at the moment.”

06. Can you describe your style to us?

“Jeans -always model tight- and a t-shirt or sweater.”

07. What are the key items for the spring/summer 2011 collection? For both men and women.

“Some of the key items for men: The new model T&T with loose fit, tapered legs and details such as twisted seams.

Model tight with big, bleached areas ore narrow with gold and silver pattern.

Grey suede jacket, denim shirt and sweatshirts with faded areas, heavy knits and of course lots of nice prints on the t-shirts.

Some women key items: Great finishes on Lady Anti. Our 90’s loose fit with hig waist and our new model Ankle Stretch.

Besides the jeans we have handkerchief dresses in chiffon and cropped blouses in chiffon, suede dungarees, grey sweat pants with faded areas and a loose, black jumpsuit.

08. You described your skinny jeans as tights. Can you tell us why?

“They fit tight but are comfortable like tights.”

09. What’s next for Cheap Monday? Is there any plan to branch out internationally?

“Cheap Monday is already in 35 markets and about 1800 stores but of course we can and will grow even more.”

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