Nicki Minaj is on a roll lately – having sold about a million copies of her debut album, it seems that her flames will only be getting bigger and bigger. With this special pop edition of BlackBook, who better to feature than the fascinating Nicki Minaj?

Her spread is rather interesting – she’s showing her quirky and eccentric expressions and she looks good in all of the clothes. Very bubblegum pop.

In the interview, she is being asked about her friends and she tells the magazine:

“I’ve lost my peace of mind,” Minaj says. “I no longer know who’s my friend or my enemy. I don’t know if they’re calling me because they like me or because they want a photo op, and that’s not a good feeling. I’m always second-guessing everyone, trying to figure out, Who is this person, and what do they want from me?”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

[Images courtesy of BlackBook/Andrew MacPherson]

Posted by:Vincent Ko

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