I recently introduced you to a talented designer, named Raun LaRose. His design is impeccable and original. Born and raised in New York, Raun is ready to make an impact in the fashion world. His latest collection for AW11.12 has just been launched and he’s wasting no time as he’s already working on the the spring 12.13 collection which I’m sure it will be amazing. When it comes to designing, he tries not limit himself as inspiration for him can come from anywhere.

He’s already getting the much needed attention – many of his collections have been blogged by many fashion bloggers. Two of his designs from the AW10.11 collection have already been featured on Fiasco Magazine and Surface Magazine. I have a feeling that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of his designs in fashion magazine, runway and stores.

Above is one of the images from his AW11.12 collection. As you can see it’s very straightforward, simple and daring at the same time. You can get more updates on his collection by just following him on Twitter and Facebook.

Without further ado, I present you with the interview he did for this blog down below. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


01 – Hi, Raun! How are you?

Hey Vincent, I’m fine thanks.

02 – Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well I want to start off by saying hello to all your readers.

My name is Raun LaRose and I’m NYC based menswear designer. I’m a New York native from Brooklyn born and raised.

Fashion has been a major part of my life since childhood. My mom was a seamstress who used to design women’s wear. High end was her specialty. I remember always watching her while she used to work, Eventually she started taking me along with her on trips to the Fabric stores and even let me watch her while she used to do fittings with clients. She taught me a lot about quality of design and also quality fabrics. By age sixteen I started sewing. The first piece that I made was button front shirt, which came out horrible, But I stayed persistent and kept working at it until I felt comfortable showing others my work. At age 20 I enrolled in the Art institute of NYC where majored in Women’s wear after a year of studying I decided that Menswear was my true passion so I then went onto to attend FIT where I took up Menswear design.

03 – How did your company, Raun LaRose come about? When did it happen?

I launched in 2009. I always knew that I wanted a self-titled Brand. I didn’t want to come up with a name or concept. I just wanted the name to reflect who I am and what I wanted to say as a designer, For now since I’m an independent designer I have to finance all the costs and expenses out of pocket, But I encourage every aspiring artist to invest in their craft and to believe in themselves.


It wasn’t something that was planned. I just felt like it was time. I remember growing up as a kid I used to be fascinated by fashion and seeing the new collection from designers each season and then as I got older I felt as if that fascination was no longer there. Especially in menswear. But I do feel like we will begin to see a movement in menswear. There’s a new generation of talent all around the world that want to be heard, And I feel that I’m apart of that generation.

04 – Have you always known that you wanted to be a designer?

No, I always knew I wanted to be in fashion, But I didn’t know I wanted to be a designer until about 15 or 16.

05 – What experience do you have in the fashion industry?  Do you find it challenging to be a designer?

While I was still in school I got an internship in the Fashion dept of a magazine, It was good to see things from an editorial standpoint. How the editors would create concepts for shoots, the pulling process from designers, etc, It was a great experience. I also interned for Zac Posen in Paris. I was in Paris for Menswear week and the company was getting ready to launch their secondary line “Z-SPOKE”. My job was to help prepare things for market week in which the company set several appointments with buyers and retailers. Even though the internship was short I was able to take of knowledge with me. Zac Posen is an amazing designer, So it was also great to actually see his collection in person. Sometimes I do find things challenging as a designer, the creative process comes easy, but it’s more of the business side that can become complicated. It’s like a marriage. They have to go hand in hand in order to work.

06 – Do you have any design signature?

I don’t believe in having signatures. For some designers it works, but I don’t want to limit my ability to always think outside the box.  The reason why I design is because I love to create, Try new things. Take risks. If I adapted a signature it would take the excitement out of the whole thing for me.

07 – What was the concept behind the A/W11.12 collection?

For fall 11 I was inspired by a book I had read titled: TIME TRAVELER by: Dr Ronald Mallet. I was fascinated by the author’s vision of creating a time machine that could visit both past and future. After reading the book I formed this character in my mind, the young man who is a risk taker and wants to lead his generation into the future that is before us. Although he sometimes looks to the past his mind is focused on the future and what it has in store.

08 – If you were to do collaboration with a designer, who would you have chose?

That’s a tuff question. Past : Yves Saint Laurent, I feel like Saint Laurent  Present: Ricardo Tisci (GIVENCHY)

09 – Do you have any style icon?

That’s a good question. I asked myself the other day if I could dress any one person who would it be. No one came to mind. I feel that in menswear we’ve lost that essence of a man being a style Icon. I’m still hopeful that someone will come along eventually and change things a bit. But for now, no one.

10 – What’s next for Raun LaRose?

I’m about to start my next collection soon, so whenever the creation process starts I isolate myself for about a good 3-4 months and just focus on designing.

11 – Any big plans for 2011?

I’m currently working on my Spring 12/13 collection. And I’m also working on getting the brand in the right stores.


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