First and foremost I would like to thank Mr. Vezzola for taking some time off of his busy schedule to respond to this interview. I would also like to thank Paola for making this happen.

The new creative director of REPLAY, Gigi Vezzola takes the Italian denim and smart casual brand to a new level with his creativity. He makes sure that he doesn’t stray far from the original concept of what the brand is all about – Originality and Authenticity. REPLAY is one of the best denim and casual brand in the world – with products sold in over 50 nations and will keep on expanding in the future.

REPLAY offers high quality denim and casualwear without the highly overpriced tag. They also offer footwear, eyewear,  jewel & time and fragrances.

With the recent released of the spring/summer 2011 collection, he’s now gearing up to release the fall/winter 2011.12 collection. To get more updates on REPLAY, please follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page.

Check out the full interview below!

01 – Hi, Vezzola! How are you?

Very well, thank you. I’m always busy and excited for all the projects we are developing.

02 – What came into your mind when you were asked to be the new creative director of REPLAY?

My generation grew up wearing Replay denim. The idea to work for such an important Italian brand, an original brand with a huge and wonderful archive, was so exciting!

03 – Do you think denim will go out of style in the future?  Why?

I’m sure that it will never happen. Denim history is so antique and deep-rooted and people keep on wearing it nowadays. Denim is so versatile and democratic; it has left an unfading trace in the twentieth-century and I’m sure it will always be one of the mostly loved items.

04 – What was the inspiration behind the spring/summer 2011 collection?

The inspiration was all about the concepts of BEAUTY and ICONS. Beauty for the womenswear: a seductive woman, not afraid of expressing her self-assured personality; contrasts offer a new take on bohemian-inspired looks, and vintage items look as if they might’ve come from grandma’s wardrobe before being given a glamorous, contemporary makeover. Icons for the menswear: men as legends of the silver screen in love with vintage cars and motorbikes and all the allure they conjure up.

05 – What do you think is the most common mistake people do when buying jeans? Why?

The most common mistake deals with the fitting: people fall in love with a special wash or treatment or detail and they often do not pay enough attention to the fit which is the cornerstone.

06 – What can we expect from the fall/winter 2011.12 collection?

The creative idea underlying the REPLAY Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collection revolves around the concept of “originality”, meaning a journey back to the brand’s origins, through the authentic nature of the clothes and the treatments and processes they undergo. So for example denim is characterized by extreme washes, tears and dirty effects designed to remind us that jeans began as a lived-in, worn workwear item.

07 – Where do you get your inspirations?

Everywhere. Walking around, travelling…but most of all I get inspiration from our Creative Team made up by international young and smart talents. Travelling with them is always very interesting and inspiring… and pretty funny!

08 – If you were to do a collaboration, who would you have chose? Why?

I would create something for or with a well known international band. A music band which has left a strong mark and really represents a legend for people.

09 – Describe REPLAY in 3 words and tell us why?

“Original”, because this is the keyword which better profiles the brand.
“Authentic” because authenticity is our core value.
“Indigo” because denim is our DNA.

10 – Any exciting news that for the REPLAY fans out there? What’s next for REPLAY?

Replay gets 30 this year! The next biggest steps are the Cannes Film Festival in May where we are going to organize for the second time an amazing and exclusive VIP event. And then the Replay 30th Anniversary celebration…a huge party is yet to come!

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