Let me introduce you to Kids of 88. Kids of 88 are Sam McCarthy and Jordan Arts. Based in Auckland City, New Zealand. Their sound is a mix slutty new wave/electro with influences from the 80s. They describe their music as “a cross between a late 80s police drama intro theme and a sophisticated super hussy“. If you like Cobra Starship, Cassette Kids, and Friendly Fires, then I’m sure you will like them.

They are best known for their hit single, ‘My House‘ which peaked at #3 on the New Zealand Top 40 singles chart in June 2009.

In 2010, they released their debut album, ‘Sugarpills‘,which peaked at #2 on the New Zealand album chart. The album got a pretty impressive reviews. What’s more impressive is that their 3 singles off of the record managed to stay on the New Zealand Top 40 singles chart. Check out below for their live performance of their third single, ‘Downtown‘ on Australia’s Next Top Model Grand Final.

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Be sure to catch them on tour:

Mar 21
Los Angeles, CA
Mar 24
San Francisco, CA
Mar 28
New York, NY
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