First and foremost, I would like to thank Sam McCarthy and Jordan Arts for taking some time off of their busy schedule to respond to this interview and I would also like to thank Christina Duren for making this happen.

So, I recently introduced you to Kids of 88 – New Zealand based band. They make amazing music that will get you up and dancing. They’re currently on a mini tour in New Zealand and soon after that they will hit the States.

Without further ado, I present you with the interview. You can read the full interview below after the jump.

01 – Hi, guys! How are you? I’m so excited
to be interviewing you guys. Are you guys currently on tour?

We literally are writing this from the tour van! We are doing a
whirlwind New Zealand mini tour then straight off to Texas for SXSW
then on to San Fran, LA and NYC!

02 – Can you tell us a little bit about the
band? How did you guys meet?

We met in English class when we were 13 with a love for Jimi Hendrix.
We had other projects but It wasn’t till we were about 16 when we
started to write more electronic music.

03 – What was the idea behind the name “Kids of 88”?

We were both born in 1988, the name encapsulates all the things we
grew up on – Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Michael J. Fox !

04 – What was the concept behind your debut
album ‘SugarPills’?

After experiencing some amazing things and not so amazing things
leading up to the album we were able to have a more dramatic feel to
the album as well as the tongue n cheek songs that enabled us to put
an album out in the first place.

05 – You guys will be touring in the US in
3 weeks. How are guys feeling? Do you find it challenging playing for “new”

We always try and win over new crowds, you can bet that we will be in
your face – our aim is get you dusting off your dancing kicks and
joining the conga line!

06 – What kinds of response are you hoping
to get from the audiences?

We are hoping for Jive wounds and sweaty t shirts! Our live set is
fairly varied so hopefully we have something that appeals to everyone
in the club!

07 – Where do you usually get your

Movies, photos, parties, realizations, people and places. As well as
being brought up on music from the 80s we also listen to alot of 70s
psychedelic and 90s rap music so I guess we land somewhere in the
middle of them.

08 – I can definitely feel a bit of the
80’s in your music – why the 80’s?

Probably because it was always played in our households growing up.
Alot of great creative mistakes were made in the 80s and I think we
quite like the kitsch element of that.

09 – Are you guys currently working on your
sophomore album?

We’ve probably been the most creative we have been in the last few
months and there are songs hiding away that are begging to be finished
so the puzzle will fit when we return from the USA.

10 – Your style is amazing. I can see that you are somewhat inspired by rock music – denim, leather… does
fashion play a huge part in your life? Where do you usually shop?

We are always on the lookout for slightly more retrospective items
just because they are fun to wear. We go through different fixations
every week. This week it’s hawiian drug dealer shirts and pearl
necklaces! We have a chain in NZ called Savemart which is like a
thrift store as big as a supermarket!

11 – Sam, what’s the most bizarre thing a
fan has ever given you?

We don’t really get too many bizarre things to be honest. Some girls
made amazing customized kids of 88 tees and we’ve had a few panties
thrown on stage.

12 – Jordan, what’s currently playing on
Your iPod?

Onra, theophilus London, Fleetwood Mac, Little Dragon and Flying Lotus.

13 – Sam & Jordan, what is a typical
day in your life like?

We have such random lives it’s usually something new each day!
Sometimes it’s about getting over the night before and sometimes it’s
about a strong coffee and getting down to work!

14 – Sam & Jordan , what is/are your
favourite movie(s) of all time?

I think we can both agree on Back to the Future , Moonwalker, Dumb n
Dumber, Do the right Thing and Fast times at Ridgemont High.

15 – Best item of clothing in you guys’
closet? Thank you.

Sam – black Justin boots and Jordan – Pyrite gem necklace.

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