After recently introducing you to Antonella Baldassare, now I’m going to post the interview that we had; you know just to get to know her better and what she’s been up to. In this interview, we talked about her life, her passion for photography and much more. Without further ado, check out the full interview below!


01 – Hi, Nella! How are you?

Hi Vincent I am fine thank you .

02 – Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I always find difficult to talk about myself but let’s try J
My name is Antonella but most of my friends and family call me Nella I am from Italian origins but born in Brussels Belgium.

I am now 27 and a very passionate of photography and fashion.
I started photography on my 25th birthday 2 years ago, I am self thought and now working as a photographer full time.

I love chocolate and to play in the summer rain.
I used to chase rainbows and always been a dreamer
Reading stories about giants and magical creatures and watching disney movies inspired me each day in my life…even now!

03 – What made you want to be a photographer?

I never said to myself and now I will become a photographer…
It just happened, I always loved to make pictures in my childhood, I was like a mini paparazzi on family party’s making pictures of everything.

Playing with old Polaroid’s and when my father wasn’t home I sneaked into his office and made pictures with his very expensif camera J

Then on my birthday after I received a canon 450D I decided to photograph my brother girlfriend, doing make up and styling.

I realized that fashion photography was my life and it was the only thing I wanted to do.

04 – When it comes to photography, which do you think matters the most – the camera itself or the techniques? Why?

The most important to me is the emotions, the feelings, the interaction between you and what you want to photograph.

Techniques are also important  but everybody can learn the technical aspect of photography.

Being inspired by the little things in life, having imagination and  being able to capture the beauty and emotion in someone at that very special moment, see the strange and the beautiful in someone that isn’t perfect, that is something that comes from the heart and mind.

The rest is just a tool that helps you make that special picture.
Off course we all know that a good camera and lens is important to guaranty a good quality of the image but when it comes to the creative aspect it is not important.

The only thing that matters is your vision and to create what you want.

05 – Do you have any signature style when it comes to your work?

Someone told me I could recognize your pictures everywhere.
I asked her why?
She said there is something magical sometimes strange, dreamy even disturbing at the same time when I look into the eyes of your models there is a very emotive and strong vibe in each one of them.
A very simple image of a male model walking on an old road at first sight, but then you can feel something stronger he seems supernatural…

Everything starts at your interaction with the models, and then the way you see them. Each model is for me a very unique and special someone.
I see more than just a model…to answer your question I guess I do have a signature style wich is very important to be able to stand out in this industry.

06 – When was your first photography job? How did you feel about it?

My first job was in Paris a few months after I received my first camera.
I was a little nervous I must say  but everything went great and the client was very happy with the pictures. One year after we photographed her new collection again in Paris.

07 – Do you prefer shooting in a studio or outdoor?

Outdoor for sure!
I like to shoot in studio as well but outdoor with natural light is 100 time better for me. It inspire me more than a studio and artificial light.

08 – Who is/are your favorite photographer(s)?

Richard Avedon, Ellen von Unwerth, Paolo Roversi, Steven Meisel and Tim Walker.

09 – If you were to collaborate with a photographer of your choice, who would you choose? Why?

I would say Tim Walker.
That would be a dream for me.
He is a great artist and creates every time a new world.

10 – Any exciting upcoming project?

Conquer J

11 – What’s next for Nella Balda?

Keep on working hard and meet inspiring people all over the world.
Follow and fight to make my dreams come true and especially enjoy every single day being a fashion photographer.


Thank you!


Posted by:Vincent Ko

Vincent Ko is a fashion photographer, stylist and creative consultant based in Toronto. He specializes in editorial photography and portraiture. His love for design, architecture, food and coffee is constantly share amongst his viewers with the sole intention to inspire others through his lens.