First and foremost I would like to thank Johannes for taking some time off of his busy schedule to respond to this interview and second I would like to thank Carla for making this happen.

I have such a pleasure to interview this rising model Johannes Niermann |EP Models|. He has a big career ahead of him. For his first season back in 2010 he walked for Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Versace, Z Zegna and Salvatore Ferragamo. Not too long ago, he walked for Dior Homme, Kenzo, Gucci, Prada, Jil Sande, Acne and many more.

He’s got the skills and he is fit for both editorial and runway. For more information on booking, please contact his mother agency EP Models.


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01 – Hi, John! How are you? How’s your weekend going?

Hey I´m fine, this weekend stands just for working because my parents built a new house and when one of us children is back home my mom likes to find something to do which she can´t do when nobody is back home. So nothing special just a bit clubbing and football.

02 – Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you were discovered?

What can I say? I´m 25 years old, studied social worker, till I got discovered by Beth (Elizabeth Pontes) in a shopping center in Recife one day before the oi fashion started (during that time a big fashion event in Recife) which I heard doesn´t exist or lets say changed into another event.

So I was discovered in a shopping center one day before the castings for the shows started. I had no idea from anything and was surprised and a bit shy when Elizabeth came over and asked if I would like to do some castings for her to see if I would like to work in this business and of course if the business likes to work with me.

Next day Elizabeth and some other models took me to the castings which were running really well that I decided to take a look into this business. I think to start with a fashion week is for everyone the easiest way to see how it works and if you like to work in this business.

03 – Have you always known that you were going to be a model?

Hahahahaha, never. I never thought about it before and when Elizabeth didn´t discover me I would be a social worker and would probably know nothing about fashion or modeling.

04 – What are the highlights of your career so far?

The first highlight was the oi fashion for sure and till know I have a lot of good memories. The next bigger step was Hong Kong and the asian Gucci shows in Hong Kong Shanghai and Taipei.

Then the biggest step last year in January with the fashion week in Milan where I got more big shows then I have ever imagined. With names like Gucci, Prada, Versace and Burberry which you just saw in magazines and Asia is far from Milan and Europe.

Another step is my Agency in New York with who I did a amazing summer season. And jet I´m just waiting and working for the next one.

05 – Describe your style to us. And where do you usually shop?

Hahahaha. I think my style, when I have one is just to mix so long till you like it. And for shopping I´m looking not for brands or what is up to date. I´m looking more for everything and nothing so that when I found something nice that I don´t have to think about if I need it.

So my style is a mix but usually I´m wearing a skinny pant, high boots and any kind of a shirt.

06 – What do you do when you’re not booked?

Going to the gym, doing stuff with friends, ….

It also depends on the place I´m. If I know the city, if a lot of my friends are in town and of cause what the town offers to do.

For sure sports like football, tennis, snowboard, sky, body board and two weeks ago I started playing with my little brother paintball which is a funny game so far. As well I´m interested in photographing and love to discover new Cities, places with my camera

07 – What’s currently playing on your iPod?

Hahahaha, ossem. On my iPod is at the moment just electronical music with which I love to work out. And there you can find names like West Bam, Paul Kalkbrenner, Mauro Picotto, Benny benassi and a lot of other who you probably never heard from.

08 – Who is/are your favourite designer(s)?

Hehehe, that question is to bad. I should say I love everyone and all are on the same level. But ok. I think I don´t have just one and it depends on each single season and how you look in his her clothes. But let`s say it´s easy to find some when I´m looking through the stuff from Varvatos.

09 – Tell us one thing about yourself that people don’t know about.

Hmmm, that´s difficult to say because I love to share everything with people around me. Let`s say that just few people know, till now, that I like nothing more then to get crawled in my neck.

10 – You’ve come along way since you first started modeling. Do you have any fond memories?

I hope to understand the question in the right way. A fond memory is the time in Bangkok which was my first trip as a model. When I think about it does it seems such a long time ago although it was just around three years. Where I got ill and stayed a long time in a hospital too bad to get me ready for a plane back home. But in this time my girlfriend helped me a lot as I afterwards in that time never expected. I learned how important are your friends and people around you, hat you never should handle a friendship like each normal thing.

11 – Do you have any style icon?

Not really. How I told you before I never was thinking about to be a model or to become a model and in my life before was all about sports that I was never thinking about what is up to date or which different kind of styles existed. And I would say till know I´m still searching for my own so that I rely don´t have an icon but of course  when I see something interesting I´m thinking about how it looks like on myself. What I like to see when some people make their style to a brand of him.  Like Karl Lagerfeld and his ponytail.

12 – Who would you like to work with in the near future?

Hehehe, with everyone who I already work with and of course all other important people in this business. And I think the big names in this business with who everyone wants to work are well known.

13 – What’s next for Johannes Niermann? And what can we expect from you in 2011?

Next gonna be New York in the end of March or beginning of April and afterwards in June starts again Milan and Paris with the summer season.

For 2011 you can expect a more healthy and calm guy who gonna press attention on his job to make a step forward. So that you guys gonna hear from me even I´m not giving  an interview for you guys.

14 -Thank you!

Thank you too,

Big kisses to everyone of the Vincent ko family and all readers. Whish you guys an amazing spring with a lot of love and sun.


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