Printed shirts are tipped to be hugely popular this SS11 season, with features on catwalks and a consistent range of stock throughout most retailers. SS11 is all about getting creative and letting loose with colour, and in this case… prints. Floral prints remain a favorite of mine, but some of you may not be brave enough to solely wear a printed shirt, making it a focal point in your look.  This is when accessorizing and light layering becomes key. An example of a braver look using a printed shirt would be: A printed shirt, paired with some chino shorts and brogues for example. The focal point of your look, and the item which is going to draw the most attention is going to be the… yeah you guessed it, the printed shirt. Now if you’re kind of reluctant to printed shirts, and you didn’t want to dive head first, accessorizing or light layering is your answer.


1) Using men’s accessoriesGo for light weight accessories to break up the print design on the shirt. Remember it’s going to be hot this season, so you don’t want to accessorize with heavy knitted scarves. Go for a lightweight summer scarf, made from a light cotton or acrylic. You can either go for a neutral coloured scarf or a contrasting coloured scarf to break up the print. Layer it loosely over the print shirt to draw less attention to it. You can try using men’s jewellery, using necklaces to loosely sit over the printed shirt and using a large pendant, draw the attention away from the drastic printed design.  Any accessory that’s going to break up the print shirt, whether you neutralize it or contrast it, is going to stop you from sticking out like a sore thumb.

2) Layering – Popular in the winter but not so much in the summer. Why? Designers know that the weathers going to be hot, that’s why they focus on lightweight clothing when the SS season arrives. There’s no harm in layering a light weight linen blazer over your printed shirt, or a light weight cotton cardigan again to break up the drastic print design. Layering shouldn’t be neglected in SS, and layering is defiantly going to make your printed shirt aid that needed fun, yet colorful touch to your looks.


Here’s some of our favorite printed shirts.

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