Summer screams colour, but sometimes colour is hard to balance. The common mistake a lot of men make is trying to wear too much colour at once. It’s a common trap to fall in, you aim to stand out by using colour but you end up looking more like a rainbow. Mixing colours was something in which we all learnt when we were younger, but the right eye for colour will come with practice.

You need to concentrate on tones when mixing bold colours. A bright yellow will look awful with a dark green, but a lighter shade of pastel yellow will. Here are some popular colour combinations for this summer season:

Red and Blue: A simple yet effective colour combination. Red and Blue goes perfectly together. Focus on lighter tones and you’ll really achieve something great with these two colours.

Green and Brown: A popular autumn colour, go for brighter greens to suit the summer season.

Pastel Yellow and Grey: Pastel colours are going to be big this season, and I’m a real fan of pastel yellow. Pair with a lighter shade of grey and you’re going to establish a colourful yet quieter look.

Here’s the most important bit of advice to follow. If you’re not confident on mixing bold colours, start gradually. Pair a bright yellow t-shirt with a neutral coloured pair of chino shorts such as navy or black. Don’t dive straight into the deep end. Socks are a big accessory this season, as sockless seems to be a thing of the past. Pair mens striped socks with some brogues to add some colouring into your look. Other neutral coloured mens accessories such as belts and scarves can help break up the colour tones, stopping you from looking like a Lego man statue.

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