Lily Allen and her sister Sarah Owen joined forces a year ago to open up a vintage boutique named Lucy in Disguise. It started as a boutique where you can borrow vintage clothings from designers with affordable prices. Not long after that, Lily and Sarah decided to create a whole new vintage-inspired line.

The collection offers a wide array of flowy dress, jumpsuits, tiered lace dress, and many more. Most of the dresses are flowy that gives off a flattering silhouette. It definitely will be a huge success, as it appeals to many teenagers and adults. Lily and Sarah definitely able to capture and showcase their talent with this collection. They created a collection that is glamourous, edgy, sexy and chic.

They have just debuted the collection at Harvey Nichols last week and will be available in-store on June 6th.


[*images courtesy of Lucy in Disguise]



Posted by:Vincent Ko

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