First and foremost I would like to thank River Viiperi for taking some time off of his busy schedule to do this interview and I would also like to thank Gael (@Elite Barcelona) for making this happened.

I’m sure many of you have heard of fashion’s new It model and is currently sitting at #35 on’s “Top 50 Male Models”. He has come along way and is showing no sign of stopping at all. He’s always booked and he’s got that charm that works well with editorial and runway.

He has done Hero, Hercules, VMan, Guapo, GQ, Client, Attitude and Essential Homme. He has recently been tapped by Calvin Klein to appear in his latest CK One advertisement campaign. He’s very down to earth and of course like us, he likes to blog and tweet as well. You can check out his blog, “Never Back Down” where he’ll document his modeling career and get the latest updates from him.

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01 – How do you feel becoming a top model?  And how do you juggle between making time for friends, family, girlfriend and modeling?

Top model? I’m not becoming a top model so I don’t know how it feels like…, and making time for friends, family and girlfriend? If you want to work there is no time for that hahahaha. If you plan something you know a job is going to pop up on those dates so it’s better not to plan or just sometimes say no to some jobs… 🙁

02 – Have you always known that you were going to be a model when you were a little kid? What did your parents think of it?

Never… and still don’t know hahahahaha my parents, friends and everyone in general were supportive. Mom is still a model/actress and dad used to be an actor/singer 😀 so it’s in the blood.

03 – What do enjoy the most being a model? Why?

Hard to explain in letters… You have to experience things to know how they feel like right?

04 – Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Not much to tell Wikipedia and Google nowadays do all that hard work hahahahaha

05 – When you first started modeling, did you feel intimidated by all of the supermodels? Did you ask them for any advice?

Intimidated by all the supermodels? no such thing as intimidation in me and no such thing as supermodels, what is a supermodel? a model with powers? nope… and no need of advice everyone has to do they own thing and make mistakes to learn from them.

06 – What do you think about the men’s fashion industry nowadays?

Getting competitive, not my style. This is not competition…for me at least…for some people it’s starting to be.

07 – What do you do when you’re not booked? Tell us what you will be doing on a normal day.

Cry because I’m not working and complain to my agents hahahahaha JOKE, I just chill, hang with friends, girlfriend, and have fun, ALWAYS, even when sitting home alone 🙂

08 – If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing?

Investing probably love that industry as well someday I’ll get into it

09 – For a model you’re pretty sociable—you’ve got Twitter, Facebook and a blog as well. How do you find time updating and blogging?

I treat people as I like to be treated and i enjoy twitter some funny comments even tho there is always some hater and all that but I enjoy it and it keeps boring days busy 🙂 Facebook I keep it private even though there is a fan page that like twitter has some cool moments 🙂 blog nice to tell stories about me and my life to maybe help some people but now I found out that Vlogging is better, no writing hahahah easier 😛 and the time? everyone has time for it if they say they don’t that’s a BIG FAT LIE so they are like the movie “BIG FAT LIAR” lol LIARS*

10 – What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you?

Given me? Nothing weird for the moment.

11 – Who is/are your closest male/female model friend(s)?

Joan Pedrola i would say even though I don’t see him very often.

12 – If we were to hang out in Ibiza, where would we be going? Tell me, what are your favourite places in Ibiza?

I don’t live in Ibiza so couldn’t help much but I like what we call “CALAS” check what that is 😛 and I like the beach chilled beach not crowded so any private beach would be nice clubs…well You can go to all of them they are all decent I guess…not my style either though hahahaha

13 – What’s currently playing on your iPod?

Nothing it’s 4am and want to sleep hahahaha

14 – What’s your guilty pleasure?

Don’t have one, everything is a pleasure no guilty ones.

15 – When you saw yourself on the billboard or posters in a retail store, what was your reaction like?

Stand next to it and laugh at the faces people put when they realize it’s you hahahahaha

16 – Any advice for people who want to be a model?

A just read this of a photographer’s wall on Facebook

“I really hate getting messages from people asking me for advice on whether they should model or not.
A. I am not a model scout.
B. If you’re asking me, then you’ve already answered the question.
C. I don’t know what I’m talking about half the time.
D. If I don’t accept your friend request the first time you sent one, then the answer is probably no.”

You got the same message I did? LMAO

17 – What do you want to say to your fans?


18 – Who is/are your favourite designer(s)? Why?

Wouldn’t pick one…there is alot.

19 – What’s next for River Viiperi?

BED, and tomorrow spend another wonderful day with my girlfriend in NEW YORK.

Thank you very much for reading I know sometimes it gets boring 😛 hahahahah; Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to follow me @riverviiperi 😛 u don’t have to hahahahah.

[*images courtesy of Elite Barcelona]

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