I recently introduced you to Conrad Leadley |Independent Men| as one of this season’s hottest new faces and I’m glad that I had the chance to interview him and get to know him a little bit better. Before I present you with the interview, I would like to thanks Conrad and Giuseppe (@Independent Men) for making this happened.

Check out the interview below!

VK: Hi, Conrad! How are you?

CL: Yeah I’m oright thanks, are you?

VK: I’m good, thanks for asking!

VK: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

CL: I’m 19, from the north of England. My main interest is music, both playing in bands and listing. I’ve played guitar since I was 12 and recently have a new band called weekend millionaire but with all my travelling we haven’t had a chance to do much. Few demo’s kicking about on the internet but not too much stuff, yet

VK: How were you discovered?

CL: ermmm Sarah Vickery scouted me on the high street in Leeds one day. I thought she was crazy and tried to run away… ha but she’s actually a lovely lady!

VK: What do you think about the modeling world?

CL: Itsss a nice place to be….

VK: You’re quite fashionable yourself—before you were modeling, have you always been into fashion?

CL: Haha you think so? Yeah I suppose, I just like scooters and that kind of music so I guess it’s just reflected in how I dress. I’m pretty proud to be English too! So that’s an influence.

VK: What do you do when you’re not booked? (any hobbies, sports, activities etc?)

CL: Naughty things…

VK: What do you think of the men’s fashion nowadays?

CL: It’s pretty good, a lot of the time when I use to see high fashion stuff I thought it was a bit out there but there’s a lot of stuff I like lately, so I’m finding it hard to stay loyal to the Fred Perry!

VK: What is your favourite city to visit? Why?

CL: I don’t know yet; ask me when I’ve seen them all!

VK: What music have you been listening to lately?

CL: Lately I haven’t being getting to listen and find as much new music as I would like but just all the old fave’s really. The small faces, The jam etc. actually I met someone recently that’s made me listen to rap…I might be coming around a little bit to it ha its always being a closed door before.

VK: If you weren’t a model, you would be…

CL: Erm… I was on the dole when I got scouted! Haha. So I’m not sure. Doing some university course I’m not that interested in probably?

VK: Tell me about your first photo shoot, did you feel comfortable in front of the camera?

CL: Hahahaha next question.

VK: What kind of modeling job do you prefer? (ad campaigns, editorial, runways etc?)

CL: Well all three are better for different reasons but editorials are usually quite cool because I’ll rock up on a morning and find that the other models are good friends so you just get to hang out all day. Like yesterday I did Viktor magazine and Jordan rocked up from independent….was a good day.

VK: You’ve recently walked for Alexander McQueen – what was that like?

CL: It was amazing, I loved the clothes…I tried to get some for free but…it wasn’t gonna happen! I didn’t think they were interested at all so when I booked it I was chuffed. I like shows…there like playing gigs, you get all pumped up before you go out.

VK: What’s next for Conrad Leadley?

CL: We’ll see won’t we…there is a lot to do out there.


Posted by:Vincent Ko

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