/n. ˈhɛrɪtɪk; adj. ˈhɛrɪtɪk, həˈrɛtɪk/ [n. her-i-tik; adj. her-i-tik, huh-ret-ik]

“Anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle.”

London based T-Shirt company, Heretics sent me some of their tees which quickly caught my attention. T-shirt has always been a part of men’s day-to-day wear and sometimes the design of the tees can be rather mundane and unoriginal. Most t-shirt designs nowadays have no meaning behind them – they’re either “funny” or offensive. Like the definition of the word ‘heretic,’ this London based company  stays true to the meaning by designing t-shirts that are controversial and to-the-point. Heretics’ designs are reflections of what the societies are thinking these days – money, girls, lust, imagination, vanity, etc. All of Heretics t-shirts are made in London and they’re 100% cotton.

The Believe Everything They Say‘ t-shirt shown above isn’t just about two women kissing which is an obvious attraction to men, but can also be seen as an eye grabbing image that’s controversial. This t-shirt is definitely a statement piece that will draw attention to you. Like what you see? Head over to their online store to get yours now.

Posted by:Vincent Ko

Vincent Ko is a fashion photographer, stylist and creative consultant based in Toronto. He specializes in editorial photography and portraiture. His love for design, architecture, food and coffee is constantly share amongst his viewers with the sole intention to inspire others through his lens.