We like to call our music Widescreen pop, to emphasize the filmic aspect of our songs and sound. To us our music is epic, melancholic and euphoric pop.

It was back in February, 2011 that I introduced you to The Sound of Arrows. Since then, this Sweden based  band has released their highly anticipated debut album ‘Voyage‘ as well as a total of 5 singles – Nova, Into the Clouds, Magic, Wonders and their latest one Conquest. Voyage has been getting positive reviews and raves from the press and critics; it has also been doing well in Europe. In this interview, they talked about their music, inspirations, the making of the album, etc. Without further ado, I present you my interview with The Sound of Arrows.

Vincent Ko:  Hey guys, how are you?  Where are you guys right now?

The Sound of Arrows: Hey Vincent! We are in Blackheath, London in my house having a cup of morning coffee. We’re preparing for a show tonight with our friends Fear of Tigers and Visitor. Will be fun!

VK:  Can you tell us a bit about the band and how it started for your new fans?

TSOA: We had been best friends for a while, sharing a mutual interest for film and both moved to the the big city (stockholm) together to persue a career in TV and film. Then while Oskar was living at my place for a while we started experimenting with music and it just grew from there. We had both been in numerous bands before but never really found a constellations that felt inspiring.

VK: How would you classify your music? Why?

TSOA: We like to call our music Widescreen pop, to emphasize the filmic aspect of our songs and sound. To us our music is epic, melancholic and euphoric pop.

VK: What are your inspirations for your debut album ‘Voyage?’

TSOA: We’ve listened to a lot of Vangelis and Boards of Canada in terms of production and sounds.
The actual songwriting isn’t based on anything in particular, it’s just a meltingpot of everything we’ve ever listened to and loved.

VK: I feel like your videos always tell a story and the visual for the music video is breathtaking as well. Do you guys find it difficult to come up with new concept every time? Who’s in charge of the art and the visualization?

TSOA: To us The Sound of Arrows is 50% audio and 50% visual. We create all our own artowrk and videos, sometimes with a little bit of help from our friends. Voyage isn’t soley a pop album but world we’ve created. The artwork, sound and videos all work together to create this world. Therefore, there has been times when we’ve felt constrained by our world but most times it’s a great feeling to have created something cohesive.

VK: We’re finally about to get a taste of your long hard work that is your debut album. How was the recording process? Did you guys travel to different country to record all of the songs on the album?

TSOA: We’ve been around almost all of Europé recording the album. A bit here and a bit there. But mostly the album was created in London and our little studio in Stockholm. The process have been long hard and fun, but we’re happy this first chapter of the sound of arrows story is finished. And we’re very proud of it.

VK: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? Why?

TSOA: We’ve got a long list of people with whom we’d like to collaborate with but the one person we keep mentioning when asked this is American R&B singer Cassie. There’s just something about her and how she’s a great vessel for great music. Her first album is one of our favorites.

VK: Do you find it nerve-wracking playing in front of a new crowd? Do you guys have any rituals going on to calm the nerve before the live show?

TSOA: Not really. We used to be really nervous before going on stage but now we’re so used to it that it doesn’t really phase us anymore.

VK: Why did you guys decide to name the album ‘Voyage?’

TSOA: The past three years have been crazy, with lots of highs and some real lows. So it felt like a fitting name to imply the journey we’ve been on. Also, we want for the album to feel like a film, music to dream up images to.. And a name like voyage evokes that kind of feeling to us. Setting our on a journey.

VK: Describe your album in three words.

TSOA: Epic, melancholic and euphoric.

VK: What can your fans expect from the album?

TSOA: A first class ticket into the world of The Sound of Arrows. There’s slow jams and fast club tracks. Something for everyone. 😉

VK: Anything you guys want to say to your fans?

TSOA: Thanks for sticking by us and being so amazingly patient. If it wasn’t for you this album wouldn’t exist.

VK: Thank you, Oskar Gullstrand and Stefan Storm.

Voyage by The Sound of Arrows is available on iTunes and their online Store.

Posted by:Vincent Ko

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