What is it?

Tanda Clear+ is a device that uses blue light to kill acne causing bacteria. This device is a slightly bigger version of the original Tanda Zap. Unlike Tanda Zap, the Clear+ comes with a bigger head, so that will cover more areas on your face and the device has also been updated a little bit – it has got a sonic vibration and gentle warming effect to help kill acne bacteria faster.

What’s in the box?

The Tanda Clear+ comes with the device itself, a charger, charging dock/stand, a pair of goggles and the Clear+ treatment head (which is already attached on the device), and user manual. Before using the device, you will have to charge it for about 4 hours. A fully charged battery will provide approximately 8-10, three-minute cycles, a total of 24-30 minutes. Also, The Clear+ treatment head lasts for 300 hours which is the equivalent of 6,000 three-minute cycles.


My experience with Tanda Clear+ has been amazing so far. When I first started using the device, my face was still breaking out and I had a few pimples here and there. The first time I used it was at night and the next morning after the first treatment, some of the pimples were already gone. If you cystic acne, it takes about three days or more for it to be gone. Also, it takes about three minutes for the device to produce that warm sensation. The sonic vibration did give me a nice messaging feel and the gentle warming effect was the added bonus. After I have done the three minute session on one area, I noticed that the bumps have decreased quite a bit. I might say that it’s even better than the topical cream that I have ever used. Depending on your acne, it may take a day or two to completely clear it. I’ve used the Clear+ for a month now and I have noticed that the areas that I’ve used this device on, haven’t been breaking-out.

This device is very easy to use, all you have to do is just hold the head on the surface of  your face and the device will start to work automatically. If you’re scared of burning your face, don’t worry, it won’t as the device will turn off automatically if it gets too hot (usually about 5 treatments). Another great thing is that you can share the Clear+ with your family, because all you need to do is just wipe the treatment head with a cloth and the person you’re sharing it with can use it. If they don’t want to use your treatment head, they can purchase a new one and switch yours with theirs.


I would definitely recommend this product to people who suffer from acne and are looking for a new way to clear your acne without all the chemicals. My only negative thing is that, the treatment process takes up a long time; I have to spend at least 12 minutes to treat my entire face.

Where to buy?

The Tanda Clear+ retails for $195 USD and you can purchase it from their online store or if you’re in Canada, you can get them from Shoppers Drugmart, The Bay and Sephora. For more information on where to get this product, click HERE.

Posted by:Vincent Ko

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