It has been a long time since I last wrote a blogpost about my ‘latest purchase’. Last year has been good to me and lots of exciting things happened. My blog has gone through some pretty amazing changes as well – new look, new contents and more. This year I’ve dedicated to changing my entire look and wardrobe; I’m going for a more elegant, classic and sporty look this year. I’m thinking the 60’s would be the perfect year to describe the look I’m going for. The whole effortless and polished look is just so pleasing to the eyes. I’m turning 24 this year and it’s the perfect time for me to create a whole new look.

Today, I decided to splurge myself, so, I went thrift shopping. I spent at least 45 minutes there and boy did I find some amazing clothes! It was a successful shopping spree and I purchased at least 7 items and it cost me about $55. I bought three sweaters, a bomber jacket, two basic shirts and a pair of loafers. Below are the images of the items that I purchased.

Diesel Wool Sweater

Tristan Turtleneck Sweater

GAP Sweater


Posted by:Vincent Ko

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