Introducing Josef Salvat, an exciting new artist to have emerged this year. This Australian singer-songwriter has been getting a lot of positive reviews and buzz these past few months.
His debut single ‘This Life‘ is an amazing track, written by Josef himself with Rich Cooper handling the mixing and the producing end. What makes this track amazing is all these different elements that power this song; from the subtle heart-beat to the smooth triumphant melodies to Josef’s enticing and sultry voice. When listening to this song, you can’t help but feel empowered, intoxicated and it’s almost as if Josef is telling you his life story.

The video to This Life is somewhat personal as Josef shows us his personal video and you immediately get that nostalgic vibe and it makes you reminiscent about your own life. The simplicity of the video makes it even more personal and at times it gets cinematic which is a good thing. Surely, he may be compared to another amazing artist such as Lana Del Rey, but that just means that he has got the creative gene. No doubt this will be a great year for Josef as this is only just the beginning and he has so many good things to look forward to.

This Life is out on the 25th March 2013 on limited 7” via ASL Records and digitally via Sticky Lips Music.

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Posted by:Vincent Ko

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