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Biegert & Funk, a design company based in Germany has recently released the highly anticipated watch, the QLOCKTWO W. This watch is basically a smaller version of their best-selling QLOCK Wall Clock. Like the parent clock, this watch features a modern, simple and edgy design. The face has a 10 x 11 grid of letters making up 110 characters in total and it only spells out five-minute increments; to make up for that you can look at the four dots at the bottom of the watch’s face to indicate the specific minute.

The face measures at 35 x 35mm with a square-faced design and a 24mm leather strap. It is slightly bigger compared to a 35mm round-faced watch. Besides telling you the time, this watch also displays calendar (no month or year unfortunately) and seconds (with a couple of presses) of the single button besides the face. The QLOCKTWO W comes in three different finishes – polished, brushed, or black stainless steel and in terms of language, it is available in English, French and German.

In terms of performance, I find this watch really different (obviously!) and easy to use. For me, it takes some getting used to since I’ve never had any watch that tells me the time in words. To view the time, you will have to press on the button and the letters will illuminate. Unlike other watches that lights up in blue or some other funky colours, the QLOCKTWO W illuminates in white and it’s bright and clear. This fits well and is very comfortable. It would have been nice if there were two buttons for easy adjustments – time and date. Aside from that, this watch is definitely one of the best watches out there.

Biegert & Funk has done a good job in designing the QLOCKTWO W. This is definitely a watch for people who appreciate good design and want something sophisticated and interesting. The QLOCKTWO W in black retails for $880 and the one in polished/brushed steel retails for $770. You can purchase the QLOCKTWO W through their online store or Watchismo.

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