If there’s one thing that Saint Laurent is known for is their glam rock style and this season is no different. For spring 2014, Hedi Slimane creates a collection full of stunning and impeccable pieces that are perfect for the upcoming season. Hedi plays a lot with structure and cut––you will see a lot of low-cut dresses as well as one one–shoulder dresses with exaggerated shoulder. In terms of colors, it’s mainly black with a hint of red, pink, green, metallic gold and blue; as for material, you will see a lot of leather, sequins and chiffon. This is definitely a collection that’s going to be a hit for all the city girls. Well done Hedi!

Posted by:Vincent Ko

Vincent Ko is a fashion photographer, stylist and creative consultant based in Toronto. He specializes in editorial photography and portraiture. His love for design, architecture, food and coffee is constantly share amongst his viewers with the sole intention to inspire others through his lens.