Behold, the Autumn Winter 2014 collection from Belstaff. The new collection pays tribute to the British motorcycle riders of the 1965 International Six Day Trial race on the Isle of Mann. Belstaff is known for their strong and masculine pieces with motorsport “blueprint” behind the designs. The AW14 collection focuses on protection, functionality and endurance––you can expect a different array of textures, fabrics and cut. A few standouts from this collection are such as: hand waxed shearling moto parka is paired with trial rider trousers featuring signature Belstaff pockets and off road shearling lined motorcycle boots; Durable riding suits that are paired with oversized motorcycle capes and foul weather parkas.

Aside from the main collection, you can also expect original accessories with luxurious fabrics, such as waxed cotton and shearling gauntlet gloves, knitted balaclavas and waxed cotton riders hats with protective face guards.

Images courtesy of Belstaff.

Posted by:Vincent Ko

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