Plum - Adult Snoods

Let me introduce you to Plum of London, a premium knitwear brand based in London. The AW14 collection is the brand’s debut collection it’s full of items that are vibrant, fresh and of high quality. It’s a full collection––ranges from adult accessories to childrenwear to baby and home accessories. Hugo Douglass, the creative director and founder of the brand uses only one of the world’s finest yarn, Royal alpaca, all of which has been ethically sourced and made solely in Britain.

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Plum - B.Blue Shawl (Round)

Plum - Beanies (Arched)

Plum - Cardigan (Product)

Plum - Cardigans Stacked (Product)

Plum - Scarves (Product)

Plum - V-Neck (Product)

Plum - Woven Shawl

Posted by:Vincent Ko

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