IMG_0445Hey guys! Starting today, I will be adding a new category to my blog which is ‘travel’. I wish I would have done this sooner because it would have been nice to look at all the things that I have done when I was travelling to a different country. When I was a little, I used to travel a lot with my family – we’ve travelled to Japan, South Africa, Thailand, Australia, China, just to name a few. Even though it was nice and fun to travel all these places, I wish I was a little bit older when I visited these places because I think I would have enjoyed and appreciated the experiences even more. Don’t get me wrong I feel blessed and fortunate enough to have been able to travelled to these amazing places – I definitely would like to make more time and travel and perhaps go back to a few of the countries that I have visited and experience what they have to offer as an adult and more importantly to document it properly, but for now I want to share with you guys my recent trip to New York City.

IMG_0469New York City has always been a favourite city that I wanted to visit ever since I was a little kid. This city has so many things to offer, such as food, museums, attractions and more importantly when you’re in the city – be it at daytime or nighttime you feel a rush of adrenaline that makes you more alive. Every time I come back to this city, I make sure that I always visit part of the city that I have never been to. This trip was definitely a success because I got to enjoy a whole new experience – such as meeting new people, discovering new food and coffee shop and I’m a lot more familiar with the city now. I was only in town for two days and I spent my time wisely as I had a few meetings to attend to and for the rest of my time, I spent it exploring SoHo as well as taking outfit pictures for the blog. The first night I was there, I went to the Meatball Shop because I’ve seen it on TV and I said to myself I must go there and I did – it was definitely worth it! I got the veggie balls and a side of salad. The portion was generous and the meatballs were pretty decent in size. If you’re ever in town, I definitely recommend this place. On my last day in the city, I woke up early just to make sure that I had the time to get my morning latte at Stumptown Coffee Shop which was conveniently located close to Penn Station where I had to board a train to Newark Airport. The latte was delicious and was worth it.

PS. If you guys have any recommendations of good places to eat or visit, please drop some comments. I will  make sure to check them out next time I’m in town. 🙂

Outfit photos by Dane Isaac.

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