It’s no surprise that my love for interiors and designs have gone up tremendously this year. I always get inspired when I see places with beautiful designs and decors. Whenever I’m in a beautiful space, ideas come to mind, whether it’s for photography or for design ideas for my room. I already liked this place the minute that Cynthia showed me this loft. The industrial and rustic vibes somewhat clicked with me. You know you’re about to have a good shoot when you vibes with the space you are in.

To not clash with the interiors and designs, I decided to wear something simple, minimal and I’m glad I did! For the first look, I wore a pyjama inspired shirt from Zara and I paired it with raw jeans to give this outfit a little bit more texture and for the shoes I wore my favourite slippers from Aldo. This look not only complimented the space, but also the colours of the furnitures.

For the second look, I traded in my pyjama top for a white button up shirt with oversized cuffs for an added dramatic feel, which I paired it with a sleek trousers. To finish off this look, I wore the same Aldo slippers. The second look is much more refined and formal compared to the first look. 

Portraits by Cynthia Nguyen | Interiors by yours truly.

Posted by:Vincent Ko

Vincent Ko is a fashion photographer, stylist and creative consultant based in Toronto. He specializes in editorial photography and portraiture. His love for design, architecture, food and coffee is constantly share amongst his viewers with the sole intention to inspire others through his lens.